What People Say about Cheryl’s School of Dance….


“Both of my daughters grew up dancing at Cheryl’s School of Dance. Through Cheryl’s belief in my girls, her heart-felt and beautiful choreography and the exemplary dance education she provides; I watched them both grown into poised, confident, and graceful dancers. The shows she produces are like no other and reflect the quality instruction they offer. Cheryl’s School of Dance produces such well-rounded dancers and more than prepares them to be successful in all their dance aspirations.” –Amy J.


“As a choreographer, I visit many different studios. But I always love to come to Cheryl’s School of Dance! Kind owner, wonderful teachers, stylized and hard-working dancers, and an amazing facility!” –McKenna L.


“Cheryl Jenkins is not only a dance teacher and a positive presence in the community–she is a dance visionary. In addition to being talented, creative & dedicated to the art of dance, Ms. Jenkins has always been interested in teaching the whole person & does so with love and gentle discipline. She believes in her students and often see’s their potential before they see it in themselves. I began my dance studies with her in middle school & continued in High School- Ms. Jenkins was not only a positive role model but gave me the technical foundation necessary to study dance in college. Part of that skill-set foundation gained were not only in dance technique, but were skills which transferred to everyday life– skills such as self-discipline, responsibility, teamwork & perseverance. Ms. Jenkins continues to strive for excellence in her teaching, in her students & in the arts. Just as I am fortunate to have had her as a teacher, the city of Carlsbad is fortunate to have her in the community.”
–Naomi M.


“Excellent atmosphere! Instructors are caring and top notch! My daughter’s look forward to dance!!!” –Linda M.

“The experienced dance instructors at Cheryl’s School of Dance provide quality, professional dance education.  CSD can prepare dancers to join elite college and professional dance troupes. Just as important, however, is that the staff care about the character of the dancer as well as his/her talent!  The end-of-year recitals are professionally done and showcase the growth of the dancers. ”
–Joyce B.


“My daughter has been going to Cheryl’s School of Dance for 11 wonderful years. Every year my whole family and I look forward with great anticipation and excitement to see the Cheryl’s School of Dance concert in May. What my daughter and what other son’s and daughter’s have accomplished during the year is truly amazing and it is always showcased at concert time in such a professional way. In addition to beautiful classical ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and tap dances- Cheryl also showcases a classical musical theater number that is done with such tastefulness and creativity. It’s like watching a Broadway show in New York City! The amazing choreography each very knowledgeable instructor puts into their dances is nothing like I’ve ever seen. The bigger issue though is this: Not only has my daughter learned correct dance technique but she has learned good life lessons and good values. Discipline, organizational skills, the value of hard work, and how to respect others are just a few. The most impressive lesson of all, though, is when Harmony sets time during the year for what she calls, “Student Choreography”. This teaches the students how to tap into their own creativity. The students actually get to choreography their own dance and teach it to the other students. No other dance studio guides these students in such a positive direction, and as a mom, I am truly grateful.”
–Diana C.


“Love it and the staff! They are amazing!” –Maria R.


“The energy there is awesome and the teachers have positive and encouraging attitudes. Kim just loves it there!” — Stormy M.


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